1861 Ball's Bluff Flag









"That [the Officer corps] constituted a body of men of
exceptional ability and character is evident from
the high rank attained in the service by so many..."

Field and staff officers in 1861. Left to right: Major Paul Revere,  Adjutant Charles L. Pierson, Surgeon Henry Bryant,

Colonel William R. Lee, Lt. Colonel Francis W. Palfrey,
Quartermaster Charles W. Folsom and Assistant Surgeon Nathan Hayward.

Postwar photo of officers and flags. Standing, left to right: Henry H. Sturgis, Edward M. Hallowell, Charles L. Pierson, Edward B. Robbins, George M. Macy, John C. Putnam, Charles L. Tilden. Seated, left to right: Francis W. Palfrey, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., William F. Bartlett, Colonel William R. Lee, Charles A. Whittier, Benjamin Pease (?), ???, and Norwood P. Hallowell.


Henry Abbott Alois Babo
and Reinhold Wesselhoft


William Bartlett Ferdinand Dreher
sumner_paine.jpg (17338 bytes)
Oliver Wendell
Holmes, Jr


William R. Lee Thomas McKay Sumner Paine
macy.gif (121931 bytes) revere
George Nelson Macy Paul Joseph Revere  (grandson of the "Midnight Rider")



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