The Harvard Regiment, also commonly referred to as the 20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry is so named because most of the officers and private soldiers were Harvard graduates. Ever since graduating from Harvard, and going out into the war that is life, my friends and I would refer to our group as the, “Harvard Regiment.” The site will be dedicated to describing my battles in everyday life. As the title of this post indicates, my first battle happened last week and required dust control el paso to essentially save my restaurant from a potential lawsuit.

Harvard Regiment Pic

If you are not familiar with dust control is, it basically consists of different elements we use every day that collect dust such as floor mats, dust mops, etc. that are designed to catch dirt and grime before it enters your business facility. We have a 90,000 square ft facility and are located in El Paso, Texas so as you can imagine dust is everywhere. If you know anything about dust then you know that the EPA mandates businesses like ours to mitigate the production of dust/dirt as much as possible. We were working with a company called International but their customer service has started to drop so we started evaluating different options. The Following was what happened when we reached out to a few companies:

  • The first company came with what looked like a spoofed up vacuum cleaner.
  • The second thought that we were looking for a housecleaning service.
  • The third used illegal immigrants.

We were about to give up and simply keep on using international but we held off another week because the facilities were going to be closed for holiday. When we got back we were contacted by Supreme Laundry & Cleaners who I had taken a suit to for dry cleaning. We talked about our issue, and they laughed, and said that they were actually one of the city’s largest dust control companies. I knew they were pretty big into dry cleaning and also owned a few laundromats, but I never would have guessed it. They came by to give us a quote for some new mats and some other equipment, and this is why we decided to give them our business.

Floor Mats


From the moment that they arrived, Howard and the rest of the Supreme team were nothing but professionals. They showed up 5 minutes before we had scheduled and did not run over time (a pet peeve) of mine. Unlike many of the other dust control companies we talked to, they were not willing to talk trash about their competitors. They simply said that, “we don’t know much about them, so they are not able to speak on their behalf, but what they do know is what they themselves can offer.”

Dust Experience

When it comes to dust control, not many people have been in the business very long. It is one thing to simply throw down a couple of mats, and supply mops, but experience allows dust control service companies to understand what areas of your business are vulnerable when it comes to the dust storms that El Paso is known for. In March especially, our equipment gets overrun with dirt and dust, and many times we have to take a half day to clean out the filters. This dust company, however, knew to tell us that there was a wind tunnel being generated through one of the fork lift entrances, and that if we simply use another one we have available it will drastically cut down on the dust.

El Paso Doesn’t Play Around

For all of you who have never been to El Paso, you probably doesn’t know what it means to be in a dust storm. I think this YouTube video will give you a pretty good idea though. Also, since this is my first post, feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.